8 Months Ago, So Many Changes=)

Where do I even begin, in 8 months so many great things have happened. Here is a little recap of my life over the past 8 months. That is over a half a year lol. I am sure I will forget some things Sorry=) Hopefully from now I will be better, or at least tell myself that. Here is my Top 10 Things that have happened.

My Number One: I AM ENGAGED! It occured on March 25,2010. The best day I have ever have, since the wedding is not for a year. Waylon Jay Knepp is the lucky guy, my best friend. He showed up early that morning (with the help of Ashley and Brooke) I was completly blind sided. I felt like I was dreaming, I was like Waylon is that you. He asked if I would like breakfast UGHH DOES HE KNOW WHEN A COLLEGE STUDENT WAKES UP lol. Long story short he got down on one knee and popped the question. I started crying and could hear sniffles coming from the door (roomies). They came in congratulated us and seen the problem. RING WAS 1/2 size to small. We tried butter no luck so got online and looked up different techniques others had tried. ALL FAILEd. Needless to say my poor finger was all torn up from many attempts. We will be getting married July 30, 2011=)

My Number Two: I finished my junior year and will be a SENIOR. Seems crazy and just like yesterday I was graduating high school. I will be graduating next May with a major in Elementary/Mild Disability Education. So excited.

My Number Three: I will be student teaching at Loogootee Elementary, I'm not sure which school or teacher but will keep you posted. I am so excited for this part of my life to begin. To finally see what it's like to be a teacher.

My Number Four: Officially moved out of our house, and my last rental house in Vincennes EVER. Kinda a sad day because I loved living with all my roommates through the last three years. My freshmen year I couldn't have asked for a better roommate that helped me through my freshmen year. Second year was a little different it was someone I loved all through high school. Ashley Bough=) We laughed, we cried, we yelled, we shared all emotions with each other. Finally my last year living in the VI neighborhood, Brooke and Ashley. My two best friends in the world.

My Number Five: Went skydiving with my best friend Brooke Elaine Lengacher. For spring break we took a girls trip before we graduated. We had talked about sky diving but was not sure if we would find a reasonable place in Sarasota Florida. WE DID=) The best experience I have experienced. The feeling of jumping out of a plane is something noone can explain unless you have done it. The words I would use would not do it justice.

My Number Six: Asked my four best friends to be a part of our special day. Ashley Bough, Brooke Lengacher, Brittney Wittmer and Autumn Rhoades. I, of course, didn't do it your normal (HEY BE IN MY WEDDING) instead I found horrible bridesmaid dresses put there faces on the dress and wrote a poem to each of them. Seeing their faces opening the content was pricesless. My mini-bride is my beautiful sister Madison, and flower girl is my cousin Sydnee Wittmer, they will be cute little princesses. The colors are orange, green apple, and white. I am trying to get a lot done before school starts back up so far this is what we have completed: 1. Reception Site 2. Expressions by Tina as the photographer very excited for this part of the wedding 3. My dress=) 4. Bridesmaid dresses 5. Found most of my items to use from Shaya Smith. 6. Center pieces. and the list continues=)

My Number Seven: My baby sister turned 6. We celebrated by having a pool party at the house. She invited her friends over to swim then all the family came for dinner and cake after. I took a little trip down memory lane while she was sitting there holding the cake. Remembering her turning 1 and each year after that. Does it seem possible 5 years ago we were adopting her from China.

My Number Eight I am in one of my best friends from high school wedding on July 3rd. Clarrisa Long and Eddie Cornelius. I will be the maid of honor for the this beautiful girl to say I DO. So much fun=)

My Number Nine I have the best summer job a girl could ask for. Babysitting three addorable kids. Jon and Mandy Britton's children one is 6,5, 15 months. So much fun, we have played many hours riding bikes/ her Barbie jeep, scooter races and swimming. I love watching these kids, they keep me on my toes.

My Number Ten: SUMMMER IS HERE=)

Summer Recap and Fall Beginings.... 2009

Wow, it has been a month or more since I last updated, super sorry. I don’t even know if I can remember what has happened since the last update. I’ll try my best!! Here’s a list of things that I loved about Summer 2009:

1.Summer ended to quickly for my liking, I love them hot summer days where it is miserable to be outside and I feel like we didn’t have many of them=( I am obsessed with being outside as long as my allergies and skin is doing okay that day, stupid allergies/eczema. Summer ended and it was the beginning to a great new school year approaching.

2.I love summer nights spent with the most important people of my life, my wonderful boyfriend, Waylon, and my baby boy Marley and our Maltese Khloe. We spent many nights taking our dogs on walks, playing outside with them, chasing them around the house and just being silly. I also love late night drives, listening to the trees and insects (I know weird) but I enjoy just hanging out under the stars.

3.Another thing I loved this summer was no alarm clock. Do you just love waking up having no idea what time it is, I only get a few more years of this and its REALITY, if any of you don’t know me very well I am a huge night person-DESPISE mornings. I seriously could stay up till 4 or 5 and not have any problems until the middle of the afternoon and need a nap. I require little to no sleep which is sometimes a problem when I’m busy and don’t have much sleep in me. Watch out for Ayrika Lengacher on those days=)

4.I really enjoyed spending time with my family this summer, even if it was just around the house. They mean a lot to me and wouldn’t be the person I am today without them behind me backing me up 100%. Thank you mom and dad!! Madison is now 5 and the best sister I could ever ask for, we are best friends. She used to wait up on me at night just to give me a kiss and tell me she loved me, how sweet right=)

5.I spent a lot of time wishing my best friend was home, but I am getting used to her not being here for the summers. Just sad on those nights you see people on facebook going out with their besties and yours is traveling the states. I am sooo proud of you Brooke Elaine=) I love you with all my heart twin and best friend.

Now on to more recent happenings:

School has officially begun!! Yay. I love school maybe that is why I am going to be a teacher. I never was the type to not want to go to school if I had a choice. I am beginning my third year at Vincennes University majoring in Mild Special/Elementary Ed, it is now a 4 year Bachelor Degree. The first year of students graduated in May and most have successfully been hired at numerous schools-Congratulations. That will hopefully be me come May 2011!!

6.My house is officially done=) Ericka and I painted all the rooms this summer: kitchen, laundry room, hallways, Brooke’s room, living room, bathroom, my room! It is so nice I am in love and so proud of it!! We love our landlord; we hope he will continue to like us through the year. He is now putting up a fence around our house to keep the neighbor dogs/people out of our yard.

7.ROOMIES: could not ask for better roomies, they rock! My roomies are Ashley Brooke and of course Marley and our new pet fish Lilly. Ashley Brooke and I are always doing something and when we are not together we usually text the whole time just to see what’s up. We love taking walks around town dragging Marley because he getting back into shape. There is never a dull moment when all of us are home-just the way I like it.

8.Classes: My classes this semester are going great, I am taking 15 hours. My classes are as followed: Mild Mental Retardation, Assistive Technology, Classroom Management, Emotional Behavior Disorder, and Practicum. All are 300 level classes which require a lot of work and time but great learning opportunities. I am really excited for practicum I will be doing 30 some hours in a Special Education Classroom doing teacher-like activities once a week for the next 10-12 weeks.

9.FOOTBALL- Football season is in full throttle now. Drew is now a freshman at North Daviess where he plays JV and some Varsity. Our football team is pretty good this year I am very proud of them. JV is undefeated so proud of my baby brother=) I do not miss a Friday night Football game now that I have a reason to go.
Colts Baby=) enough said. If anyone has extra tickets or wants to sell them LET ME KNOW=)

10.Turkey Trot: Turkey Trot has always been a big part of my life; I must really not have much excitement in my life. I went there when I was little with my daddy to watch the pig wrestling, ride rides and of course eat fair food=) Well this year I was asked to play mud volleyball and for those of you who don’t know me I am not very coordinated in these types of things but of course it was Brooke’s team so I said yeah. Well Saturday comes around and I am all geared up and ready to play, we lost but I feel like we did our best and I actually hit the ball over the net-BE PROUD lol. Waylon and I had so much fun at the Trot this year, we went Saturday all day for volleyball than truck pulls to Sammy Kershaw that night and back Sunday for demos- MY FAVORITE. The weather was beautiful.

11.Tastefully Simple-I am now a consultant for Tastefully Simple, I have my first official party this Sunday I am super nervous but it’s for my roomies mom so least I know everyone going to be there. Anyway I was just saying if any of you like their products or wanting to try them let me know! My website is- www.tastefullysimple.com then find a consultant and type in Lengacher. Once you get there you can check out the products and order online for Fast and Yummy Food=)

That was a lot of stuff, tons I left out and tons I will talk about later I’m sure. I will post pictures soon-no camera
cord at school.
Love you all